East Side Surgery Center, Greater Pittsburgh Orthopedic Association

Developed as a partnership between Greater Pittsburgh Orthopedic Associates [GPOA] and Everett & Hurite Ophthalmic Association, the new East Side Surgery Center embodies all the components of a stand-alone surgery center, including four operating rooms and a laser procedure room, in approximately 10,000 square feet.

Pittsburgh, PA
10,000 SF


WTW worked closely with Bridges Construction Company from the outset of the planning to maximize the use of a derelict existing building which was originally an automotive parts store. Taking advantage of the high bay construction, a mezzanine for mechanical systems was designed to fit over a portion of the administrative area, thus permitting all necessary functional spaces to be contiguous on the ground floor. Recently opened, the new surgery center has been an immediate success, complementing GPOA’s existing facilities located next door.