Rich De Young


It is no coincidence that the word “young” is in Rich’s name. After 40 years as an architect at WTW, serving as its CEO since 2003, he is as effusive, curious and excited as the day he graduated from Carnegie Mellon ready to change the world through design.

As a boy growing up in North Jersey, Rich hung around the construction sites of his father’s homebuilding business. This formed the foundation (so to speak) for his love of a well-built structure that served multiple functions. But that wasn’t enough. He made frequent trips into New York City where he marveled at the skyscrapers, museums and historic buildings.

He was captivated by the way scale, proportion, materials, colors, textures and forms could create engaging and memorable places. The best places were not only visually inspiring, but they functioned seamlessly in their urban environment.

Today, Rich applies his decades of experience to solving the pragmatic aspects of design while creating elegant, sustainable places of timeless beauty. His thirst for knowledge has led him to specialize in Higher Education, including student unions, housing, recreation centers and instructional buildings. He is at the forefront of the sustainable design movement and thrives on finding ways to preserve, re-use and restore existing structures.

Rich is also the driving force behind the use of advanced technology at WTW (just another example of his tireless pursuit of efficient excellence.)

“I told myself that when I stopped having fun, I would move on.”

Rich has no plans on stopping anytime soon. He loves running, gardening and fly-fishing. He is also an accomplished photographer with an eye for landscapes and the built environment.


Some other things you might like to know about Rich:

Fellow of the American Institute of Architects

Former President AIA Pittsburgh

Former President AIA Pennsylvania

Former Pennsylvania Regional Director to the AIA National Board

Former AIA Secretary

Former Trustee- Executive Committee – Pittsburgh Public Theater

Former Chairman – Arthritis Foundation of Western Pennsylvania

Former Secretary National Arthritis Foundation Leadership Forum

Former President Three Rivers Rotary