Larry Payne


Larry is one “Tough Mudder” in more ways than one. He never backs down from a challenge and his idea of a good time is slogging through 12 miles of mud and obstacles just to say he did it. He’s paid the price, too. One year, nearing the finish line of these unusual events, he was knocked out when he hit a live wire while running through an electrified obstacle. He did an epic face-plant right into a rock that was buried in the mud. When he came to, he dragged himself – bloodied but not broken – through the muck to cross the finish line where he was immediately taken to the ER to get stitched up. This is a fitting example of the effort Larry puts into anything he does, including immersing himself in the latest pedagogies being developed in educational design. He goes all in when it comes to studying kinesiology, the theories of active learning, the psychology of color and the impact that interior architecture has on the motivation of students.

Over his nearly three-decade career at WTW, he has personified the company’s philosophy of having senior level partners involved in every phase of a project. He thrives on seeing a project through, from initial interviews and design meetings to the fieldwork to the ribbon cutting ceremony. His passion is to design better, smarter, more collaborative learning spaces for both K-12 and Higher Ed. Larry’s intensely focused work ethic and 360-degree perspective are why clients keep coming back to WTW. It’s also why he will go through walls (or mud) for his clients until he gets to the finish line.

Some other things you might like to know about Larry:

Guest presenter at:

ACUI – Association of College Unions International

ACRL – Association of College & Research Libraries

PaLA – Pennsylvania Library Association

PLA – Public Library Association

NISCE – National Institute for Student-Centered Education

KAPPA – Keystone Association of Physical Plant Administrators

SCUP – Society for College & University Planning

AIA and LEED AP BD+C, Certified Parksmart Advisor

Enjoys photography, landscaping, road/mountain biking and doing the Merengue. Not necessarily in that order.