Hawthorn Hall Classroom Building, The Pennsylvania State University, Altoona

With increased enrollment to 3,800 students over the past several years, Penn State Altoona needed additional classroom and faculty office space. As a result, the Pennsylvania Department of General Services commissioned WTW to design and construct the college’s new 58,000-square-feet classroom building.

Altoona, PA
58,800 SF


A design goal for the project included preserving the distant mountain views from the student union across the campus pond. This was achieved by maintaining a two-story building height with rooftop mechanical equipment being screened and recessed on a one-and-one-half story portion of the facility.

The facility’s program includes 16 general class and seminar rooms, a lecture hall, a music classroom, 62 faculty offices, and a state-of-the-art computer center. The facility provides much-needed instruction space for the college, which became a four-year institution recently.