East Way Dining Hall, Kent State University

The East Way Dining Hall at Kent State University was in dire need of renovation, but the challenge was that the construction had to be completed within a short time frame. To minimize the impact on food service operations, the project was scheduled to take place over the Summer months.


Kent, OH


The university collaborated closely with the contractor to identify long lead items, including food service equipment, light fixtures, doors/windows, and sneeze guards. This allowed them to plan and prepare for these items in advance and avoid any delays during construction.

To create a more modern and inviting space, the team adopted an “open” plan concept for food and production ‘on display.’ This design allowed students to see the food being prepared and served, creating a more interactive and engaging experience. Additionally, they worked to enhance the circulation and flow of traffic in the dining hall, ensuring that students could access the second floor easily.


The transformative project created an East Way Dining Hall that now provides a fresh and functional space for students to enjoy their meals and establish a sense of community on campus.