Student Life

We listen, then lead.

When it comes to higher education, some architecture firms like to impart their “wisdom” on you. At WTW, that’s not our style. Our philosophy is to listen first, then lead. We use a variety of learning tools and processes to survey key stakeholders involved in the design of educational buildings. We use our experience to develop creative solutions that incorporate multiple viewpoints in a cohesive way. This has proven to be an effective way to build consensus and engage all parties in the process, as well as the final outcome.

From Student Unions to Student Housing, we measure our success on how each building is integrated into the culture of your university and how it relates to the natural fabric of the campus. Everything is considered carefully – from the flow of the pedestrian paths to the ways in which dining facilities can foster student collaboration. We understand what drives students to love their school: the history, the environment, the excitement, and the pride of knowing they are part of a world-class institution. Explore the projects that have given us national recognition in this ever-evolving industry.