The Pennsylvania State University, Tombros & McWhirter Knowledge Commons at Pattee Library

This complex, multi-phased interior renovation of two libraries includes over 44,000 square feet, all within the libraries’ 24-Hour Zone. Together, these new spaces will serve as a hub for students to gather, exchange ideas, collaborate, and utilize multiple technologies. Each containing a variety of specialized, yet flexible spaces outfitted with multiple styles of “smart” furniture that not only encourage, but facilitate collaboration.

University Park, PA
44,700 SF
45,300 SF / Renovation


The Knowledge Commons portion of Pattee Library houses specialized spaces such as audio booths where students can record their own podcasts and one-touch video production studios complete with green screens and three-point studio lighting in conjunction with digital video editing studios and post-production viewing rooms. Dedicated meeting rooms are monitored with electronic signage connected to a web-based scheduling program that ensures rooms are used to their fullest potential. 
Each of these spaces contain an Adaptive Technology Suite, Leisure Reading Room, Computer Lab, Auditorium, pre-function spaces, the Access Services Suite, and the Franklin Atrium.