Tom Wiley


Tom has been a Pittsburgher long enough to develop a great appreciation for bridges (only Venice, Italy has more than we do). But he doesn’t just value the importance of these structures because they get him from Point A to Point B. Tom is fascinated by these spans because they represent the perfect balance of art and engineering. Form and function. Beauty and strength. It’s a big reason why he had a tough time deciding whether to go to an art school or an engineering school. Ever the diplomat, he ended up applying to both. But somewhere along his journey, he discovered a discipline that represented the best of both worlds: architecture. It was a field of study that allowed him to utilize his technical skills in conjunction with his design sensibilities. He found a top-rated architectural program at the University of Cincinnati and excelled. So much in fact, that in the middle of his second year, Tom was offered a job at a fast-growing architectural firm in Pittsburgh. The name of the firm: WTW Architects. Fast forward 30+ years: Tom continues to bridge worlds together as a principal at WTW. Specializing in Student Unions and Student Housing, Tom brings together the practical needs of academia and the social needs of students in a unique way. He conducts extensive interviews with students, clients and key stakeholders to identify the goals of the university, as well as the interests of the community. He is also passionate about integrating sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts and components into all of his designs, resulting in the perfect blend of efficiency and excellence.


Here are some other things you might want to know:

For the past 2 years, he has been a member, volunteer, docent and now a member of the Board of Trustees at The National Aviary

He enjoys participating in Tough Mudder competitions (his bruises and scars prove it)

AIA, LEED BD+C, AIA/MBA Joint Committee member

AIA Pittsburgh, Committee on the Environment member

ACUHO-i Facilities Committee member (Association of College and University Housing Officials)