Richard Bamburak

Senior Principal

Growing up in Clairton, PA, a tough steel town south of Pittsburgh, Rich learned that with hard work and determination you could overcome any challenge. It is a philosophy he still follows today, after three decades as one of the senior principals at WTW. Rich is a hands-on architect. He makes sure every detail is covered and he is keenly aware of all phases of a project. His clients trust him to get things done and this has enabled him to forge lasting relationships with industry leaders and business owners throughout the region. In his role, Rich leads design and implementation of WTW projects throughout the country and brings a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that these projects present. He routinely uses his collaboration skills to bring diverse constituencies together to generate ideas, then challenges and inspires them to rethink the problem, and ultimately the solution, in new and creative ways. He also knows what makes WTW special. Simply put, they care. In his words, the firm is not out to make a name for itself or build a legacy. It exists to offer impeccable service to its clients and deliver innovative, high quality, sustainable designs every time.


Some other things you might like to know about Rich:

Yet another Carnegie Mellon grad, and proud to say with Honors


Former board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters

Enjoys travel and fine wine, usually at the same time.